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Easter egg screen broken !
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Si la vie n'existe que sur Terre; alors l'univers est un beau gachi! - ???

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Welcome !

Welcome to SiZiOUS :: Serial Koder website, formerly knows as SiZiOUS' SBI Builder Domain. In this website, you can find all my proggies.

Enjoy you stay.


BootMake 1.2 11/01/2008 23:35:36
Thanks to Hiei, I released a new version of BootMake. The changes is that the software saves all the GUI values to a file.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 08 !!! 01/01/2008 18:35:08
I wish you a happy new year 08.
How to retrive the original search companion in Windows Explorer when WDS is installed 26/10/2007 00:01:48
If you wanna have Windows Desktop Search (WDS) installed (for enabling the search in Outlook 2007) but wanna keep the original search companion (with the dog) in Windows Explorer, click here to learn how to proceed.

It's the only working method for now.
1995 demo by kewlers and mfx as Windows screensaver! 20/10/2007 00:59:09
Do you like this cool demo ?

Then you can use it as Windows screensaver now !

So... do you have found the easter egg? 10/10/2007 20:45:20
So, do you have found the easter egg in this website ? ;)
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